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 Formulary Chapter 2: Cardiovascular system - Full Chapter
02.12  Expand sub section  Lipid-regulating drugs
02.12  Expand sub section  Bile acid sequestrants
02.12  Expand sub section  Ezetimibe
02.12  Expand sub section  Fibrates
02.12  Expand sub section  Statins to top
02.12  Expand sub section  Nicotinic acid group
Acipimox (Olbetam)
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Restricted Drug Restricted
Amber Recommended

Restricted Item Information on restriction - Mixed dyslipidaemia unresponsive to statins and intolerant of fibrates

02.12  Expand sub section  Omega-3 fatty acid compounds
 Non Formulary Items
Nicotinic Acid  (Niaspan)

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Non Formulary
Nicotinic acid/ laropiprant  (Tredaptive )

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Non Formulary
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Restricted Drug
Unlicensed Drug
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Traffic Light Status Information

Status Description


Primary and Secondary Care (unrestricted) may be prescribed by GPs, hospital doctors or other qualified prescribers in primary and secondary care  

Amber Initiation

Amber Initiated: first prescription from specialist, on going supplies from primary care (or when stabilised on therapy).  

Amber Recommended

Amber recommended: first prescription may be supplied by primary care under the advice of a specialist.  

Amber with Shared Care

For initiation within a specialist service followed by ongoing prescribing in primary care according to published shared care guidance  


For initiation and ongoing prescribing in secondary care only. Medicines in this category may be further restricted to use by specific hospital departments only.  


For prescribing in primary care only