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APC summaries IFR applications - CCGs
Wound Management Formulary Hampshire Infant Feeding Guidelines
FreeStyle Libre commissioning Statement Continence products (Solent NHS Trust)
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Prescribing Guidance F&G and SEH 

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January 2019 New links have been added to shared care guidelines and prescribing guidelines on PIP and iDOCs. These links will only work for individuals accessing them via an N3 connection (NHS internet link).

May 2018 New commissioning Statement on FreeStyle Libre can be forund here: FreeStyle Libre Commisssioning Statement

Valproate and developmental disorders: new alert from MHRA asking for patient review and further consideration of risk minimisation measures The MHRA valproate toolkit can be accessed here 

This formulary is a guide to the preparations available for prescribing across the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire local health economy in both primary and secondary care settings.


Getting started: Use the search tool to find medicine of interest or browse by BNF chapter using the Chapters Menu at the top of this page.

The Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Formulary aims to provide information on medicines to support safe, evidence-based, cost-effective practice. The formulary contains links to relevant policies and guidelines but the prescriber retains the responsibility for the appropriate use of this information.

For further information on the development of the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Formulary and participating organisations, please go to the about page. 

Comments about any aspect of the formulary can be made by using the feedback tab at the top of this page.

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