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Acetylcholine Chloride  (Miochol-E) (for intraocular irrigation) - Formulary Ocular peri-operative drugs 11.08.02
Acetylcysteine  (for infusion) - Formulary Poisoning 18
ACETYLCYSTEINE  (Tabs / Caps / Sachets) - Formulary Unlicensed Medicines 20
Acetylcysteine tablets  (Pulmonary fibrosis) - Formulary Unlicensed Medicines 20
ActiLymph  (Class 1 18-21mmHg) - Formulary Support Hosiery 19.22
ActiLymph  (Class 2 23-32mmHg) - Formulary Support Hosiery 19.22
ActiLymph  (Class 3 34-46mmHg) - Formulary Support Hosiery 19.22
Acetylcysteine injection  (Mucolytic) - Restricted Use Mucolytics 03.07